2-Day K-Jeonju Adventure Tour

2-Day K-Jeonju Adventure Tour

If you are interested in some great Overnight Tours in Seoul, try taking 2-Day K-Jeonju Adventure Tour

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The average duration for 2-Day K-Jeonju Adventure Tour is 2 days and cost $390 USD (American Dollars)
The overall rating of 2-Day K-Jeonju Adventure Tour is stars.
Jeonju city is the “Slow City”, which is the slogan of the city. The Slow city means that to have relaxing time with the nature, traditions, and foods. The city has traditions, good foods, and agriculture.
There is the traditional largest Hanok village to have an experience of the traditional activities such as traditional paper making, Hanbok wearing, Kimchi Making, and Rice wine tasting. Also, there are lots of good foods to try of the original Korean Food. Most of Korean foods are fermented food such as Bibimbap (mixed rice with fermented Korean spicy chili sauce), Marinated Beef Ribs with Rice Cake, Street Foods, and so on.

Day 1
You will be picked up by 9am at the hotel you stay in Seoul, Korea. It takes about 3 hours away from Seoul to Jeonju City.
As Jeonju City is famous for Bibimbap, the lunch will provide the original Jeonju Bibimbap around 12pm.
After Lunch, will visit ‘Deokjin Park’ , the most famous lotus park. The Lotus will bloom in between late July – August.
After park, will visit the ‘Hanok Village’ and stay there for an hour and a half. It’s to have an experience of the activities as Hanok wearing (Korean custume), traditional paper factory, taste of the street foods and learning the culture of the old Korean life.
Next to the Hanok Village, there is the market called, ‘Nambu Traditional Market’, where the people of Jeonju are usually going to buy their groceries. In the Market , there are lots of different style of the foods to try. On 3rd floor of the market, there is the youth mall.
The youth mall is made by the young people. They made their own shop with handmaid products.

Hotel : The Classic Hotel in Jeonju (3 Stars)

Day 2
Meet guide at the hotel by 9am after check out.
After check out, will move out to Mt.Gyeongak to have an experience of the paragliding for an half an hour.
It’s will be the best experience in Jeonju city to look around the whole the view of the mountains in Jeonju City.
After the paragliding, will have a local lunch. There are lots of different types of the local foods near the Temple of Geumsan.
The most of the foods are in Buddhist styled food.
After having lunch, will be back to Seoul which will takes about 3 hours.

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