Busan – Korea

Busan Korea is one of the largest port cities in South Korea and has become popular because of its mountain ranges, temples, and beautiful beaches. The Haeundae Beach exhibits a variety of attractions such as the Sea of Life Aquarium and a place called the Folk Square where traditional games are featured. The Gwangalli Beach is also present and this is one area for those travelers who want to have a great time especially for the nightlife scene; it features a lot of bars and the beautiful views of the cosmopolitan Diamond Bridge.

Since the region can be found on the south-easternmost area of the Korean Peninsula, you can expect that the temperature in Busan Korea is much cooler compared to the humid subtropical climate that is common among countries in Asia; the months of May to July are generally cooler compared to the inland regions since the ocean surrounding the area gives a great cooling effect. During the summer months, tourists will get the chance to experience a ton of festivals that are present on almost every beach in the area yet during fall, the popular Jagalchi Fish Market holds an entertaining cultural festival especially for foreign tourists. For those visiting during winter, one of the best attractions to visit in the area would be the Nakdong Estuary Seasonal Bird Migration Site; additionally, these places have become even more popular after releasing the movie called Chingu or friend, which was filmed in Busan Korea.

Hotels In Busan

When it comes to dining, the area of Busan has a plethora of different restaurants and areas to dine in and specifically, there is one street lined with a lot of authentic delights such as the Dongnae Pajeon – the Korean-styled pancakes – plus raw fish dining spots are also available for tourists to try. For those who wish to explore the area, there are nearby museums that can be easily accessed right after indulging in the delicious treats that the region has to offer. Sightseeing in the area can be divided into two portions; namely the inner land and seashore sightings. Seashore sightings usually include the views from the islands, beach areas, and also the Hae Ahn Park while the inner land sightseeing includes those views from downtown Busan, the Dongnae Shrine, historical ruins, Bexco Exhibition and Convention Center, as well as the Busan World Cup Stadium; however, despite having all these stunning and picturesque views of the region, it is undeniable that Busan Korea’s most charming point would be its magnificent sea vistas where everyone can view the stunning and exquisitely shaped islands and rock formations which make Busan’s beaches all the more popular. Some of these famous beaches include the Gwangalli, Songjeong, and Haeundae where travelers and locals can enjoy various activities such as jet skiing, boating, banana boating, and a lot more water recreational activities that can be taken advantage of. Furthermore, the Igidae, Amnam, and Haean Park are some of the areas that exhibit beautiful views of the masterpieces of nature which are definitely natural beauties that the region of Busan has to offer. Here are a few of the popular Busan attractions that will surely pique everyone’s interest.

Yongdusan Park

The Yongdusan Park in Busan Korea is a mountainous area found right at the center of the city; it is also known to be one of the most famous green spaces in the city which a lot of travelers flock to. The park’s name translates to the “dragon’s head mountain,” since it resembles and displays the image of a dragon’s head sticking out and above the sea’s surface while the park is filled with a variety of monuments that are all created to commemorate the Korean heroes as well as their battles. Aside from these, the park is also home to numerous restaurants and cafes, a temple, an aquarium, and even an exhibition area where cultural performances are usually hosted.


In Busan Korea, the coastal area of Gyeongju is also one of the country’s ancient cities that features the long and dynamic history of the country; it is known for being the ‘Museum with no walls’ since Gyeongju is among the culturally rich attractions in the whole country.

Busan Tower

The colossal Busan Tower stands right in the center of Yongdusan Park and is also considered as one of the well-visited Busan attractions in the region – a place that travelers frequent during the day and the evening. Its viewing deck allows people to take in the picturesque views of Busan Korea while the view of the sunset will simply take everyone’s breath away.

Haeinsa Temple

This temple is one of the Busan attractions that is also known as a UNESCO-listed landmark that houses one of the world’s most complete sets of Korean national treasures and Buddhist texts.

Andong Folk Museum

For those in search of one of the best Busan attractions, tourists can head for the Andong Folk Museum which is the best place to learn about the ancient culture.

Aside from these popular landmarks and attractions, Busan Korea also features a ton of beautiful accommodations that guests can stay in during their visit. There are a variety of types to choose from so everyone will surely enjoy and take comfort in the Busan hotels that they choose.

Crown Harbor Hotel

One of the four-star Busan hotels that is conveniently situated in the famous Nampo area; the hotel allows its guests to easily access the many landmarks and neighborhoods via the Jungang Subway Station.

Park Hyatt Busan

The Park Hyatt is one of the luxurious five-star Busan hotels that can be found conveniently set just next to the Busan Marina; it is also only a few minutes away from the Haeundae Beach which makes it the perfect accommodation to reach the area. The hotel also offers its guests a beautiful sky lobby, as well as two magnificent restaurants for top-notch dining.

Haehundae Grand Hotel

This is one of the grandiose Busan hotels that is just a few minutes away from the Haeundae Beach, and it exhibits a contemporary theme that fits perfectly with its high-quality services, amenities, and conveniences. The hotel is also conveniently located in an area that is just a few minutes away from the area’s metro station, as well as the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center.

Paradise Hotel

The Paradise Hotel in Busan can be found by the sandy beach of Haeundae and is only a few kilometers away from the Gimhae Airport. Aside from exhibiting modern-styled rooms, the hotel also boasts an outdoor spa and casino for its guests.

Lotte Busan

This is one of the Busan hotels that is set in a prime location where guests can easily reach the numerous attractions and landmarks in the area; it also boasts an on-site duty-free shop, a casino, and shops that sell luxury brands.