Jeju Island Tours

A lot of countries in Asia are often visited by tourists from other countries because of their beautiful offshore islands – Thailand has Phuket, Indonesia has Bali, and Singapore also has their popular Sentosa. When it comes to South Korea, its most popular and favorite island destination among tourists from all over the world is their beautiful Jeju Island which is also called as the Island of Gods – an area that is a famous vacation spot for Koreans as well as a lot of Japanese.

Hotels In Jeju Island

For years and until today, Jeju Island has been one of the most popular honeymoon destination spots for those newlyweds in Korea and it has also been one of the popular places to visit in Asia. And with that, here are some of the best Jeju Island Tours that you can join in during your visit to this charming island.

East Course Tour in Jeju Island – Visiting the World UNESCO Sites

This whole-day tour will allow you to visit, as well as learn all about the Island of Jeju while also getting away from the busy and bustling chaos of the vibrant city of Seoul. Get the chance to enjoy breathtaking views of the island’s natural beauty. Indulge in the beauty of this island paradise as you continue to enjoy this UNESCO Heritage day tour trip; the popular Jeju Island tourist spots that you will visit include the Jeju Stone Park, the Seongeup Folk Village where you will be able to watch a traditional folk dance performance, then head for the Seongsan Sunrise Peak to discover all about the Manjanggul Lava Tube.

Admission to the Nanta Show

vOne of the best and highly popular Jeju Island tours is visiting and watching the Nanta Show; during this tour, you will get to see four cooks prepare a full wedding feast in just an hour and they will display their electrifying and outstanding performance in the show. Here, you will get to see the problems these caterers face while displaying this fun and comedic story without using any form of dialogue. Admire the performers who perfectly wield and work the kitchen utensils and gadgets as they use them to create traditional percussion music that is called the Samul Nori.

Jeongbang Falls

During your Jeju Island Vacation, make sure to visit the Jeongbang Falls – Asia’s only waterfall that flows directly into the ocean. The falls can be found high on a cliff just by the sea, and it is also one of the most popular waterfalls on Jeju Island. To make this trip even more unique and memorable, get the chance to take a stroll down the rocky coast along the area where you will see middle-aged women selling their fresh catch of fish and various seafood right from the sea. Take the time to relax and enjoy some delightful treats like raw sea urchin sashimi before hiking all the way back to the waterfalls.

Whole-Day Private Tour for Treats and Culture in Jeju

Probably one of the best and most interesting Jeju Island tours is the tour for treats and culture in the region; this whole-day private tour will begin once you visit the Jusangjeoli Lava Cliff then after, you will head straight for the Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls that gives off a beautiful and breathtaking view of water that appears to fall beautifully from the sky. After exploring the area, you will be taken to the Seogwipo Market to indulge in the local street food of Jeju while relaxing for a while before visiting the Seongeup Folk Village. The village displays the true authentic beauty of Jeju Island and has become a main feature of the sprawling landscape. After having a delicious lunch, you will go straight to the Haenyeo Museum where you will get the chance to know all about the work and lifestyle of the female divers living on the island.

Jungmun Beach

The Jungmun Beach mostly displays strong and huge waves which make it a popular place among travelers who enjoy the water and sand during their Jeju Island vacation. Every year, surfers from around the world meet up at this stunning and beautiful beach to take part in the world-famous Jeju International Surfing Competition; furthermore, the beach also boasts fine sand that is often referred to as Jinmosal.

Day Tour in Jeju Island

This is one of the Jeju Island tours that will enable you to learn more about the beautiful island; going on this trip will also be a great escape from the chaos of the city which will let you see the beautiful and natural charms of Jeju. During this nine-hour tour, get to discover the top Jeju Island tourist spots such as the Seaside Cliff which has become an extremely popular sightseeing spot due to its impressive formation of rock pillars, the Folklore History Museum, and also the Dragon Head Shore that is just beneath the peak of Mt. Sanbang.

Seongsan Ilchulbong

The island of Jeju is filled with UNESCO-World Heritage Sites and the Seongsan Ilchulbong is one of them. This area is known as the Sunrise Peak among tourists since it is well-known for having the best and most breathtaking views of the sunrise right at its peak. At first glance, the Seongsan Ilchulbong may appear just like a huge fortress but it is actually an extinct volcano that displays a huge crater right at the top. During springtime, its peak ends up concealed by yellow flowers which give off an even more beautiful view and making it one of the favorite Jeju Island tours

Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear Museum has become one of the most popular Jeju Island tourist spots since it features a variety of galleries and even a gift shop that is made especially for these cute stuffed bears that have come from all around the world. Inside the museum, you will be able to see the different exhibits such as the Art Hall – the area where you can see modern works by a variety of international designers, the History Hall where you will get to explore the history of the teddy bears, and also the Project Exhibition Hall where the Last Supper Bears and the Mona Lisa Bear can be found.

Trip to the Quirky Museums in Jeju Island

The island of Jeju is filled with a variety of museums that range from the cheesiest to the most serious museums around – these making your Jeju Island Vacation a definitely fun and memorable one. The available museums range from Trick Art to the Sex and Health Museums, plus there is also a World Eros Museum as well as a Psyche Museum. This is to keep all of their guests fully entertained and interested while staying in Jeju Island.

Three-Day Trip Around Jeju Island

Discover and indulge in the sheer beauty of the coast as you take part in one of the best Jeju Island tours available. Get the chance to see the shoreline together with an expert guide and learn about the top landmarks and attractions in the area such as the Seolbong Park, Hallim Park, and the Chagwi Island.