Seoul Weather

The weather in Seoul generally has the four seasons and everyone experiences a wet summer right at the middle of the year while the winter is cold throughout November to March. The best time to travel and visit the area would be from March to May, as well as from September to November when the climate is milder compared to the usual daily highs. For those who wish to enjoy fun activities during winter, visiting Seoul during December and February would be the best time to enjoy sled, ice fishing, and skiing activities.

Hotels In Seoul

However, Seoul weather during summer months can be quite uncomfortable since the humidity is high and the temperature in Seoul can get extremely muggy and hot; because of this, tourists can expect high booking prices since everyone would want to take comfort in accommodations with excellent air conditioning.

Seoul Weather in January

The Seoul weather during this month can either be pleasing or irritating, depending on the preference of those who travel during these times. Generally, the average temperature in Seoul on January would be around -2°c to 1°c with possible peaks that can drop to as low as -22°c or can reach to high of 11°c. This is known to be the coldest month in the region.

Seoul Weather in February

The month of February is described by having an increase in the daily temperature with a high from 2°c – 7 °c throughout the whole month; at times, the weather in Seoul during this month can go slightly higher than 11°c or it can even go lower than -4°c.

Seoul Weather in March

Since March is supposedly the beginning of spring, the Seoul weather that tourists will experience will not be too cold; the temperature would range from -2°c to 9°c where chances of rain will be small just by 20%. The sun will be up 50% of the days and chances of clouds will be 50% as well.

Seoul Weather in April

The average Seoul weather during April is slowly warming up compared to the previous months; here, everyone will experience temperature from 5°c to 11°c and the highest could reach up to 17°c. There is only a small chance of rain during this month so tourists can definitely enjoy traveling and exploring Seoul.

Seoul Weather in May

The weather in Seoul during the month of May will still be great for exploring the city; however, it will not be as cool as the last few months since its average temperature would be around 17°c. It could drop to around 11°c and rise up to 22°c which is generally hotter now that the season is slowly shifting.

Seoul Weather in June

The temperature in Seoul continues to rise as June sets in where the average temperature would be 16°c to 21°c, and with a high of 26°c. This is probably one of the hottest moments that Seoul could reach during the whole year, but the weather would still be tolerable for exploring the city.

Seoul Weather in July

The Seoul weather still continues to heat up and it can get a little uncomfortable for tourists who aren’t used to having this type of temperature; generally, the lowest temperature in Seoul during July would be around 20°c to 24°. However, the heat could reach a high of 27°c and chances of rain during the month would be really low.

Seoul Weather in August

The weather in Seoul during this month is still quite hot since it averages from 20°c to 24°c; but it could get extremely hot when the temperature reaches up to 28°c which can be extremely heated for some, especially for travelers coming from colder countries.

Seoul Weather in September / Seoul Weather in October

The temperature during September is relatively warm and afternoons can be a little hotter compared to the mornings and during lunch time. Its high can reach up to 26°c to 28°c but overnight, the temperature can drop to around 16°c which is relatively cooler for all.

The Seoul weather slowly starts to drop in October where it goes as low as 7°c while the average is 13°c. Its high reaches just about 18°c which is a great temperature, especially when going around the city to explore the many sights and sounds it has to offer.

Seoul Weather in November / Seoul Weather in December

It gets even colder once November comes in since the lowest temperature can reach -1°c while the average would be around 5°c. It can get slightly warmer at 10°c but it is still relatively cold and perfect for enjoying the soon to come Christmas Season.

The coolest month in Seoul where the average temperature is around -2°c while the lowest is around -7°c. The warmest that it can reach would just be 3°c so for those planning to have a vacation in the area, bring clothing that will keep everyone warm and comfortable.