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Korean BBQ, Pub and Market Tour in Seoul

Go to the same Korean BBQ restaurant featured on “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” on this classic Korean night out of BBQ and drinks. Spend a lively evening with a Korean food expert to learn about Korean BBQ and drinking etiquette, and then experience traditional and trendy alcoholic drinks in an energetic classic pub filled with Koreans from all walks of life. You will also explore a market famous for its pigs feet and a colorful market selling savory pancakes and tempura made from most anything under the sun. Make sure to bring your camera, but don’t lose it, or they may fry it. This is the most intense way to immerse yourself in Korean food culture.

Chicken and Beer Crawl in Seoul

Chicken and beer is somewhat of a ritual in Korea. On this tour, you and your small group will go on a pub crawl to three chicken and beer stops covering the gamut of what Koreans call “chimaek.” You will gorge on various types of chicken ranging from the rustic, barbecue style to trendy, more modern styles. Your tour guide will teach you the Korean drinking etiquette and give you a crash course on the chicken and beer history, culture, and how to find the best restaurants.

Korean Culinary Tour with Rice Wine Lesson or Vegetarian Dinner

Dive into the culinary traditions of Korea during this food and beverage experience in Seoul. On an afternoon tour with a knowledgeable guide, you’ll visit a teahouse with a museum and then learn how to make traditional rice wine in a hands-on class. Or select the dinner tour to enjoy a meal at a vegetarian restaurant known for its healthy food, followed by a visit to a popular rice wine bar with unlimited samples paired with snacks. You’ll have plenty to eat and drink on this small-group tour limited to 10 people.

Eat Like a Local: Evening Tour of Han River and Korean Fried Chicken

If you thought fried chicken and cold beer were mostly American picnic staples, think again. During this 3.5-hour evening experience, settle in at a scenic spot by the Han River to enjoy one of Korea’s most popular snacks, referred to as ‘chimac.’ You’ll eat like a local as you savor a snack alongside city dwellers leaving the worries of the day behind. Numbers are limited to 10 people on this small-group tour to ensure a personalized experience with your friendly guide.

Traditional Alcohol Tasting with Brewmaster Including Dinner in Insadong

Soju (a distilled spirit) and Makgeolli (a brewed rice wine) are Korea’s most beloved alcoholic drinks. These days it’s rare to find true artisan brewers and distillers as most Soju and Makgeolli is produced in large factories. This 3-hour small group tour will introduce you to some modern master artisans who brew and distill according to the time-honored (and time-consuming) methods. You will learn about the entire process of turning rice into Soju, followed by a home-made Korean meal washed down with bowls of Makgeolli.