Things to do in Jeju Island

With the numerous Jeju Island attractions that are available, you will definitely enjoy your vacation in the island; staying in one of the accommodations present will allow you to easily reach the beautiful dormant volcanoes, the many thrilling hiking trails, the stunning seaside fare, and all the other beautiful attractions and landmarks that Jeju Island has to offer.

If you are someone who delights in challenges, adventures, and are wondering what to do in Jeju Island, have no worries since you will have a lot of activities to choose from once you are in the region and these activities range from the most relaxing to the most thrilling and exciting adventure there is. This is because of the plethora of natural and commercial treasures that are present in the area which is why guests, such as yourself, can have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to finding things to do on the island.

With that, here is a list of some of the most recommended things to do in Jeju Island that will surely give you one of the best experiences ever.

Three-Day Tour in Jeju Island

Discover the stunning and natural beauty of the coast of South Korea during this three-day trip to the island. You will get the chance to visit the western shoreline together with a knowledgeable guide and learn about the top Jeju Island attractions around. These attractions include the Hallim and Seolbong Park, plus the Chagwi Island; also, you can follow a trail that goes through a verdant surrounding that leads you to the beautiful Cheonjiyeon Falls. Other attractions that you will visit include the Seongeup Folk Village, the Manjaggul Lava Tube, the Museum of Haenyeo, then relax while taking in the picturesque views of the area by climbing the UNESCO-listed Seongsan Sunrise Peak.

Teddy Bear Museum

When you have a child with you during the trip and are thinking of what to do in Jeju Island to keep them fully entertained, why not visit the Teddy Bear Museum that can be located in Seogwipo. You will get the chance to see different galleries that are available, as well as an exclusive gift shop dedicated specially for stuffed teddy bears coming from all over the world – a sight that will definitely leave the little one fully delighted and entertained.

Hotels In Jeju Island

Admission to the Nanta Show + Private Jeju Transfer (optional)

One of the best things to do in Jeju Island is to enjoy and delight in comical performances of the popular show Nanta – a famous Korean show that has been airing for almost two decades. Aside from watching the fun and entertaining ninety-minute show, you can also opt to upgrade to get VIP seats, as well as pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.

Jeju Island Tour to the Dragon Head Shore, the Seaside Cliff, and the Folklore Museum

Discover a few of the top Jeju Island attractions during this nine-hour trip and see the popular landmarks such as the Folklore History Museum, the Seaside Cliff, and also the Dragon Head Shore. During the trip, a professional guide will take you around while giving out pertinent details regarding the history of the area.

Jeju Folklore and Trip to the National History Museum

One of the best things to do in Jeju Island is to visit and explore the Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum that has been opened to the public since 1984.It is known to be the very first and only natural folklore and history museum in the country which makes it even more special for all. The collection that is present in the museum tells of the historical, cultural, and geological story of Jeju Island, as well as other pertinent details regarding the island.

Whole-Day Private Tour – Jeju Island Island Culture and Delicacies

One of the best things to do in Jeju Island is to enjoy a private, whole-day tour of the charming Island of Jeju together with the help of a friendly guide who will take you to some of the most breathtaking areas in the region; not only that, but you will also get the chance to sink your teeth into some of the most delectable local dishes that are available in the area. You will also be able to enjoy exploring the Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls, the Jusangjeoli Lava Cliff, and also the Manjang Lava tube and other popular spots around.

East Course Tour of Jeju Island – Visit the UNESCO Heritage Sites

Enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage day trip and visit the Jeju Stone Park together with a professional guide who will give you insights and important details regarding the beautiful stones of Korean history’s five hundred generals. Aside from this, you can also sit back and relax while watching a traditional Korean Folk Dance before indulging in a feast where you can taste the delicious traditional lunch served just for you. Visit the UNESCO-listed sites such as the Seongsan Sunrise Peak that is located on the eastern portion of Jeju Island; here, you will be able to learn about the historic volcanic eruption that created the peak over a hundred thousand years ago.

Cheonjeyeon Falls

For those thinking of what to do in Jeju Island, one of the best activities to engage in is to visit and explore the Cheonjeyeon Falls. The name of the falls means ‘The pond of God’ and surrounding this is a plethora of beautiful variants of plant life and other beautiful creations of nature that will take your breath away. To the eastern portion, a cave is present where cool water gently pours down from its ceiling to create its own beautiful waterfalls.

Seonimgyo Bridge

Visiting the beautiful Seonimgyo Bridge is one of the best things to do in Jeju Island that you will definitely enjoy; the Seonimgyo Bridge is known to be an arch bridge that has seven beautifully carved nymphs carved on both sides – the reason why it has been called the Chilseonyeogyo or Seven Nymphs Bridge.

Yakcheonsa Temple

Yakcheonsa means the temple where curing water flows, was established in the year 1981 by the Buddhist monk named Hae-in. The primary temple of Yakcheonsa features multiple balconies and floors that overlook the beautiful and picturesque three-meter high Buddha that has been kept in an expansive prayer hall.