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Dark Side of Seoul Evening Ghost Tour

Korea’s only ghost tour! This is the side of Seoul that you won’t find in the tourism brochures. Take a tour down the dark alleys of Seoul’s forgotten 600-year history of bloody massacres, seedy hideaways and mourning ghosts. Self-proclaimed clairvoyants on the tour have reported a few sightings, including a little girl who has been seen following the group around. This is not only a ghost tour, but a walk unearthing Seoul’s murky and violent past, making the city much more interesting and intimate. Guests also receive an online map of all the haunts, murder sites, and torture chambers mentioned on the tour.

History and Culture of Seoul Walking Tour Including a Viewing of ‘YOULL’

Explore Seoul’s city center on this guided afternoon walking tour. Enjoy the fascinating architecture at Deoksugung Palace, walk along Deoksugung Palace’s old stone wall to observe the historic Jeongdong-gil neighborhood. Visit the Seoul Museum of History and finish your tour at JeongDong theater with a viewing of a traditional Korean performance, ‘YOULL.’

Half-day Walking Tour: Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village

Discover Korea’s old palace architecture during this 3-hour walking tour of Seoul, which also includes stops at the National Folk Museum of Korea and Bukchon Hanok Village. A knowledgeable local guide will introduce you to traditional and contemporary principles of Korean design through architecture, culture and art. Learn how these aesthetics are used in both Korean palace architecture and common houses as well.

Morning Walking Tour of Namdaemun Market, Namsan Mountain and Myeongdong Including Full-Day Option

Explore Seoul’s city center on this guided tour. Enjoy the vibrant local life at the Namdaemun wholesale market, go up to the top of Namsan mountain to observe a 360-degree view of Seoul and finish your tour at Myeongdong street, Seoul’s busiest shopping street. You also have an option to enjoy a traditional Korean lunch and visit attractions such as Deoksugung Palace, the Seoul Museum of History that finished off with a viewing of a traditional Korean performance.

Korean Food Walking Tour with BBQ Lunch

Discover Seoul’s culinary scene on an afternoon walking tour followed by lunch. Stop at seven venues for food tastings before sitting down for a typical Korean barbecue. Let a knowledgeable local guide show you authentic Korean cuisine as you visit classic shops, street stalls and restaurants to savor specialties such as fried pork dumplings and fish cakes. With the barbecue it adds up to a satisfying meal. Numbers are limited to 10 to provide a small-group experience.

Eat Like a Local: Evening Tour of Han River and Korean Fried Chicken

If you thought fried chicken and cold beer were mostly American picnic staples, think again. During this 3.5-hour evening experience, settle in at a scenic spot by the Han River to enjoy one of Korea’s most popular snacks, referred to as ‘chimac.’ You’ll eat like a local as you savor a snack alongside city dwellers leaving the worries of the day behind. Numbers are limited to 10 people on this small-group tour to ensure a personalized experience with your friendly guide.

Gangnam Walking Tour Including Samsung D’Light

Shop to your heart’s content at two popular hot spots in Seoul: Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade and Samsung D’light. Ride the metro to your first destination, located beneath Gangnam Terminal, and walk through the maze of merchandise, movie theaters, plazas and cultural complexes with a local guide at your side. Then check out the digital display of the latest Samsung products with interactive exhibits to keep you entertained. Numbers are limited to 10 people on this small-group tour to ensure a personalized experience.

Private Tour: Feel the K-POP Tour Including Dinner

What do you know about K-POP? Here is an exciting journey to experience the city of Seoul, where K-POP was firstborn. The one day tour includes visiting of key places where the top entertainment companies like SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are based and where you might be able to spot some celebrities walking by! Enjoy quality meals from cafes and restaurants that these entertainment companies are running, where celebrities appear more often than any other places.

Seoul Street Food Walking Tour

Dig into authentic Korean street food on this tasty tour of Seoul! Wander ancient streets as you snack and sip on traditional treats, from barbecued ribs to rice wine. Along the way, pick up a bit of history and maybe even find a dash of romance.