Seoul Nightlife

If you want something fun and interesting, you will definitely enjoy the energy-filled and vibrant ambiance of the Seoul nightlife. Here, you will find a wide variety of bars, clubs, and even some of the best restaurants in Seoul that serve mouth-watering meals that will definitely leave you delighted. In every area you explore, you will see locals, expats, couples, and different types of people partying and having fun in the area.

Hotels In Seoul

Generally speaking, the Seoul nightlife has a lot of faces: for foreigners, Itaewon is the most famous area since it has a large number of western-styled clubs and bars that are highly affordable. For something more stylish and classy, head for the Gangnam Station which is still an area popular among foreigners and locals alike. With all that information, you are probably thinking of what to do in Seoul; it would be great to explore some fun and thrilling areas so here are some of the top nightlife establishments that are available for you to visit.


Octagon is a special place among clubbers since it has hosted a large number of international artists right on their stage, making it one of the most popular Seoul nightlife venues around; additionally, it is also a popular spot for promotional parties.

Club Ellui

The Club Ellui’s official name is the Asia Multiplex Club but is often called Club Ellui since it can be located right at the Ellui Hotel. A lot of clubbers visit the neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong which is a stylish and posh area that gets vibrant and loud during the weekends because of the club.


EDM clubs are slowly disappearing from the city; however, the M2 club is still standing strong and keeping its doors open to all. Every week, the club hosts a variety of themed parties for more fun and excitement and usually, the crowd enjoying this atmosphere includes individuals who are in their early twenties. If you are thinking of what to do in Seoul that is something different, why not visit M2 to have a unique nightlife experience.

Canucks Restaurant and Bar

Canucks Restaurant and Bar can be found in the center of Itaewon and here, they serve a wide variety of “New Canadian” dishes that have influences from France, Greece, and Korea. This is considered as one of the best restaurants in Seoul that provides a top-notch and upbeat ambiance.

Club Track

A classy club with a hip and trendy crowd; the Club track can be located in the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Gangnam and is considered a megaclub that definitely does not disappoint. It features a huge dance floor and giant black marble columns which make for a classy and stylish ambiance that is perfect for a fun night out.

Club Mute

If you want to know what to do in Seoul that is fun and exciting, it is best to visit Club Mute that can be found behind the Hamilton Hotel. Additionally, this is known to be one of the premiere nightlife hotspots in Seoul.

Club Arena

This is one of the most exclusive and hottest clubs in Korea that features EDM’s but with a unique crowd that is unlike others. If you are trying to find that genuinely local Seoul nightlife experience then Club Arena is definitely the place to visit.

Club Decibel

Club Decibel or DB is another one of the hottest clubs in Itaewon that makes up the vibrant Seoul nightlife scene. The club has already featured popular names like Franky Rizardo and it also exhibits an excellent interior for a more vibrant and fun ambiance. Additionally, they provide quality sounds that feature deep house, tech house, and a lot more.

Owl Lounge

The Owl Lounge is fast growing in the nightlife scene of Seoul and they specialize in deep house, tech house, and nu disco tunes. Definitely a place worth visiting once you set foot in Seoul.

Bonny’s Pizza Pub

The original and popular Korean Pizza Pub Experience which is definitely an ultimate treat to one of the best restaurants in Seoul. They offer a wide selection of excellent pizza that you will definitely indulge in.