Seoul Tourist Spots

This region is considered a vibrant and beautiful city where a lot of picturesque views of the surroundings as well as landmarks make for excellent touristic places in Seoul; there are beautiful flowery landscapes, timeless sandy beaches, interesting rock-formed mountains, as well as stunning historical sites present in the area that will surely leave anyone wanting to visit all of these places once they set foot in the region.

For those planning to visit the charming city, here are some of the best Seoul tourist spots that should be part of every traveler’s bucket list:


This area is considered as Seoul’s artistic and cultural spot and it is also one of the best Seoul tourist spots when it comes to shopping for local crafts, visiting the traditional shops such as a Korean Teahouse, or even spotting a fun street performance. This neighborhood can be located in the district of Jongno-gu where it houses one of the biggest craft and antique markets in Korea.

Namdaemun Market

The Namdaemun Market is one of the first places to visit when tourists and even locals need to go shopping in the region; whether it be for houseware, clothing, jewelry, and even appliances, one can find items for a good price. Because of this, the Namdaemun Market has become one of the best and popular touristic places in Seoul which is usually visited by tourists who plan to purchase authentic souvenirs during their trip. Aside from shopping, the market is also a great place to sample and try out delicious and authentic Korean treats that everyone will surely love.

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Banpo Bridge

The Banpo Bridge is one of the favorite Seoul attractions that a lot of travelers explore when they visit the city of Seoul. The bridge passes beautifully over the Han River which also connects the neighborhoods of Seocho and Yongsan.

Bongeunsa Temple

This temple was established during the 10th century and was once known as the Gyeonseongsa Temple; it is also known as one of the most favorite Seoul tourist spots and also the most famous Buddhist temple in the region.


Another one of the popular Seoul tourist spots since it is considered as one of the most vital cultural sites in Korea and originally, Jongmyo served as the Joseon Dynasty kings’ ancestral shrine. The area has been registered as one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites because of its excellently preserved Confucian architecture and style.

Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

This museum of art is among the favorite touristic places in Seoul that travelers often visit and is set beautifully on the Namsan Hills. The museum celebrates the art and architecture of the Korean and Western style while it also protects the extensive art collection of the Samsung Foundation that ranges from the ancient Buddhist artifacts to the modern art and creations.

Cheong Wa Dae or The Blue House

This place carries this name because of the blue tiles that beautifully cover the roof and also, the Blue House is known to be the presidential home. The establishment was created with the traditional architectural style of Korea, thus making it among the popular Seoul attractions present in the beautiful city of Seoul. When visiting the area, tourists will get the chance to explore The Blue House’s grounds before heading out to see the beautiful gardens that surround the area. Also, those visiting the area will be able to see the main establishment where the country’s president lives; additionally, this main building is also where the president conducts their businesses.

The Bukhansan National Park

Despite being surrounded by the urban beauty of Seoul, this national park is considered as the freshly verdant area of Seoul. It has become one of the popular and favorite Seoul tourist spots since its expansive area features the beauty and charm that the city’s environment has to offer. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy visiting the park since they will be able to enjoy the natural charm of Seoul while engaging in fun activities as well.

Cheongwadae Sarangchae

This is also a popular tourist spot in Seoul since it is a two-storey museum filled with Korea’s history on politics and culture; located on the first floor of the museum, guests will find the Korea Exhibition Center plus a gift shop and café for souvenirs and a place to take a break. The second floor is where the Presidential Center is that has photographs that display all of Korea’s important political activities and events over the years.

63 City

Sometimes referred to as the Golden Tower, the 63 City or Building is another one of the top Seoul attractions that one can find in the region. The establishment is considered as one of the highest buildings in the country while being situated right on the Yeouido Island. Get the chance to see stunning and breathtaking views of the city before taking part in the various activities that are available for all.